La Pouyade:
A unique estate

In the cellar’s shadow

The ageing process is one of our specialties.

The barrels used for ageing are made of French oak, approximately 90% is from the Limousin region. It is a loose-grain tree that releases its tannins and aromas widely. The other 10% are barrels from the Tronçay forest, a tight-grained oak that brings other families of aromas.

In addition, the barrels are chosen by our cellar masters Christophe and Pascal, directly from the coopers. Rare fact, they work with many Charentais coopers in order to obtain a great diversity of barrels: Taransaud, Leroi, Radoux, Sansaud, Marchive…   This diversity of casks allows a greater aromatic palette of eau-de-vie. Ideal for our blending possibilities but also perfectly suited for an atypical “Single Cask”!

Most of the young “JEAN FILLIOUX” Cognacs are aged in “red” barrels. These “second filled” caks are barrels which have contained Cognacs for 5 to 10 years. It tends to keep all the elegance and freshness of the fruit (the grape) and are often more floral.

The spirits which are intented to age for 20 years and more, are put in new barrels for 3 to 5 years. Then they will be placed in old barrels so that the tannins of the wood are melted and softened (astringency and bitterness). After 20 years, the wood will deliver all the power of its aromas, honey, vanilla, coconut, cinnamon, spices and carry the aromas of fruits (orange, pear, tangerine, banana) and flowers (jasmine, rose, wallflower, spring flowers).

As the ageing unfolds, the aromas of fresh fruit will become aromas of ripe fruit, then candied fruit, spicy aromas will develop, and this is the long road to “rancio”.