La Pouyade:
A unique estate

On the road to the vines

It is from this limestone soil typical of the Grande Champagne, that we extract the finest and most distinguished Eaux-de-Vie. The Ugni Blanc grape variety (editor’s note. Trebbiano in Italy) is there perfectly suited to produce the best wines for distillation.

The harvest takes place at the end of September / beginning of October, and it produces a fine and delicate wine with the lies which will be distilled twice, in the traditional Charentais pot still.

After the alcoholic fermentation which is the transformation of sugar into alcohol, the malolactic fermentation begins naturally: it is the transformation of malic acid into lactic acid thanks to the natural ferments contained in the grape. This malolactic fermentation allows us to obtain more aromatic wines and therefore also more aromatic Cognacs after distillation.

The house “JEAN FILLIOUX” is adamant that its wines undergoes this type of fermentation before being distilled. Consequently our distillation rarely starts before December.