La Pouyade:
A unique estate

The family story

The family story : harvest | cognac jean fillioux

Five generations of “noses” have succeeded one another at the Domaine de la Pouyade.

The first generation, Honoré Fillioux, is closely linked to the brand being its creator. First of all, he was a shareholder of a distillery in 1900’ based near to Gémozac. As a real technician, he filled a patent for a system called S.G.D.G to keep a constant temperature in the condensers of the distillation (temperature control H. FILLIOUX).

Decided to stand on its own feet, our house was founded in 1880 and is getting married. His wife had a vineyard near Angeac-Champagne, 3km away from Juillac-le-Coq called the property of the “Puits”. The first years, the eaux-de-vie were commercialize in cask or in small demijohn under the name “H. FILLIOUX”. Then, Honoré acquired the “Domaine de la Pouyade” in 1894. Actual cradle of the house “JEAN FILLIOUX”.

Later, Jean Fillioux, Honoré’s son, has developped the sales of bottles in France, Europe and in USA where he traveled as often as he could. He continued to increase both the size of our vineyards and our stock so that his son, would later be able to offer our first very old vintages: 1893, 1906,1910…

Michel Fillioux and his wife found a renowned clientele everywhere in France. At the time a lot of groceries and companies trust already in the brand to supply the best that the Grande Champagne has to offer. Thanks to Michel Fillioux, we also were awarded a prestigious Cep d’Or award of the International quality in 1972, as well as numerous accolades.

Influenced by his internships in the United States of America, in the famous vineyard of “Beaulieu Vineyard” during the 1970s, Pascal Fillioux brought with him the more frequent use of new cask ageing. Discreet and conscientious, it is with his wife Monique, that he raised the brand to the rank we know today. He created the exceptionnal vintages of 1924, 1948, 1953 or the mythical blends of La Pouyade, the Réserve Familiale or the N°1 for examples.

In 2015, this outstanding heritage is safeguarded and enhanced by fifth generation owner, Christophe Fillioux, who inherited from his father Pascal. His first challenge will be to expand the property to continue increasing the stock of Cognac, “our treasure”. Building a new cellar by 2025 is an objective. He also wants to create numerous developments at the estate in order to organize a magnificent tour for visitors. We will have to be very active to reduce our impact on the environment; many things have already been made in this matter, the last being the plantation of a whole new orchard in early 2021.


The Brandy is only know under the term of “brandwijn”, the Dutch notice that the wine issued from one distillation (32°) has a better tolerance to the sea travels


Birth of the double distillation, the “charentaise” distillation. By the way, birth of the Cognac, an imperishable eau-de-vie, much more concentrated than the “brandwijn”.


The first Cognacs merchants appear:  Augier 1643, Martell 1715, Rémy Martin 1724, Delamain 1759, Hine 1763, Hennessy 1765, Otard 1795…


Birth of Honoré Fillioux (1858-1920)


Under the impetus of Napoleon III and the signing of a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, the sales of Cognac increase around the world and are multiplied by three.


The phylloxera crisis, an insect that attacks the vine and abundantly affects the vineyard which will go from some 255 615 hectares in 1878 to some 40 000 hectares in 1893 (80 753 in 2017, still -70% in comparison).


Honoré sells his share of an important distillery to found his own Cognac house.


Birth of Jean Fillioux (1885-1967).


The Fillioux Family buys “La Pouyade” estate in Juillac-le-Coq


The limited zone of production for Cognac is being created with seven different crus


Birth of Michel Fillioux (1919-2001).


Jean Fillioux takes twice the boat to sell his own Cognacs in the US


AOC Cognac is now recognized by the INAO


Delimitation of the different crus


Birth of Pascal Fillioux.


Michel Fillioux introduce one of the first ever “Grande Champagne” to reach the Japanese market


The “International quality of the Cep d’Or” is won in Paris


Birth of Christophe Fillioux.