La Pouyade:
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Friends and ambassadors

Christine & Dan Cooney / Heavenly Spirits (USA) – Owners

Q: How have you discovered Jean Fillioux and how would you describe us in a few words ?

In fact I first met with Monique Fillioux, we quickly get on well together, being two “strong” women within the industry, it’s never been easy…As for the cognacs & the house, it naturally followed. To me Jean Fillioux is an iconic brand, a cult Cognac, an unrivalled and unequaled know-how.

Dan would add “Top of the hill, top of the line, 5 star house!”

Ambassadors : Christine & Dan Cooney, gérants de Heavenly Spirits (USA)

Frank Burmeister / KaDeWe (Berlin) – Buyer Food, Spirits, Champagne & Beverages

Ambassadors : Frank Burmeister / KaDeWe (Berlin) – Acheteur Épicerie, Spiritueux, Champagne & Boissons

Q: How have you discovered Jean Fillioux and which Cognac is your personal favorite ?

We have discovered Jean Fillioux quite a long time ago while we were looking for a family owned Cognac house with a high level of quality and small quantities, produced with a lot of passion. Then, I happen to cross Jean Fillioux in a wine shop in Berlin where I saw them for the first time. I noticed the So Elegantissime XO, not only the decanter but also the content had me hooked already.

Q: What makes Jean Fillioux a special partner for KaDeWe ?

Having always been looking for something special to feature within the spirits assortment at KaDeWe, we made the perfect choice with Jean Fillioux which is now part of the furniture among our Cognac’s selection. Together we are granting most of our customer’s wishes including a lot of Cognac enthusiasts and especially those who come looking for something really special.

Max, co-founder of Cognac Expert

Q: How did you discover Jean Fillioux and how would you introduce us in a few words?

I discovered the Fillioux family, one of the most important producers of Grande Champagne Cognac with a long tradition, at the beginning of Cognac Expert in 2009. During one of our first phone calls with Cognac houses, the Fillioux family contacted us and sent us some samples. Since then, we have developed a special relationship with them.

During my last visit, I particularly appreciated the way Christophe Fillioux takes the time to explain his cellar and his working style, presenting it as a place of work, but also a place to meet family and friends. This is quite unique in the Cognac world. I also appreciate Christophe’s close connection with nature, woods, and other agricultural products, such as fruit trees, which speaks to me personally.

Q: How did you discover Jean Fillioux and what is your favorite part of the range?

As far as my favorite in the Jean Fillioux range is concerned, it is without any doubt the N°1. I like its fruitiness, its power and its slightly sweet notes. It is an excellent Cognac.

Q: What makes Jean Fillioux an expert cognac partner?

For all these reasons, Jean Fillioux is a privileged partner of our company.

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Ambassadors : Max, co-fondateur de Cognac Expert
Martin schwarz : Head of Purchasing Department of Martel

Martin Schwarz, Head of Purchasing Department from Martel AG St. Gallen

Q: How did you discover Jean Fillioux and how would you introduce us in a few words?

Martel is a family business. The company was founded in 1876. We have always been an importer and distributor of high-quality wines. Even though we import wines from all over the world, from California, Australia and South America, the wine regions of France have always played a very important role in our assortment. We have also always had a portfolio of spirits from Switzerland, France etc. In the 1970s and 1980s, however, we saw increasing competition, especially from supermarkets and discounters, which were becoming more and more numerous.

For us, this evolution encouraged us to open our eyes and ears to find products that were certainly less known, but of better quality. For us and our customers, Jean Fillioux was and still is the perfect solution, and we are more than happy with the qualities of the cognacs. “Before” we had Hennessy, Courvoisier, Martel, etc., but “after” and since then, we only have Jean Fillioux, and with great conviction.

Q: How did you discover Jean Fillioux and what is your favorite of the range?

It’s very hard to say which is our favorite in the Fillioux portfolio, but it’s probably the Très Vieux, as it’s a great value.

Q: What makes Jean Fillioux a privileged partner of Martel?

The fact that Jean Fillioux is a family business like us and independent like us, are only two reasons why we chose it, but in any case, the high quality of the products, of the cognacs, is the number one reason of our choice.

Victor Delpierre, world champion “Coffee In Good Spirits” 2013

Q: How did you discover Jean Fillioux and how would you introduce us in a few words?

It was during the preparation of the 2013 “Coffee In Good Spirits” world championships that I discovered Jean Fillioux, by contacting the Cognathèque, in Cognac. I was looking for a cognac with a strong identity, character and elegance at the same time. My objective was to imagine a ritual of service at the end of the meal that would bring smokers and non-smokers together around the trio of coffee, cognac and cigar.

Q: How did you discover Jean Fillioux and what is your favorite part of the range?

When I tasted the “Cigar Club Grande Champagne 1er cru“, among other references related to cigars from other cognac houses, I was immediately conquered by its identity. Its aromatic profile with a rich bouquet, the elegance of its texture and its subtly peppery and intense finish convinced me to realize my project.

Q: What makes Jean Fillioux a privileged partner of Victor Delpierre?

I contacted the brand to know if it would accept to accompany me in this ambitious project, and I liked the kindness of the teams. You know the rest: my “CCC Experience” cocktail made a lasting impression and I won the coveted competition. Jean Fillioux cognac has remained a privileged partner for me since 2013, and I still thank the teams for their trust and especially for the quality of their work!

Victor Delpierre, champion du monde "Coffee In Good Spirits" 2013
Harold van der Werff
Erik de Leest

Harold van der Werff and Erik de Leest, founders of Cognactheek Apeldoorn

Q: How did you discover Jean Fillioux and what is your favorite part of the range?

Around twenty years ago I met Monique Fillioux during the Pot Still Festival in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. She introduced me to their wonderful range, starting with Le Coq and culminating in the Réserve Familiale. The latter is my favourite cognac ever. It keeps developing in the glass. In addition, their vintages are also mindblowing. I love how Christophe and Pascal work in a pure and artisanal way, resulting in cognacs that really stand out, full of aromas and flavours. Everytime time I drive up La Pouyade’s driveway, it feels a bit like coming home.

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