What is an old bottle of Jean Fillioux Cognac worth?

If you have found a Jean Fillioux Cognac relic as a result of an inheritance, at the bottom of a cupboard, at the family collection or at an auction, and you would like to know more about the different conservation processes or its value, you’ve come to the right place.

Finding an old bottle of Jean Fillioux Cognac is not so common. But if you are the lucky owner, do you know how to preserve it? What it is worth? Some answers below.

What you need to know about the conservation of cognac

Unlike wine, Cognac does not improve with time once it is bottled. The ageing process stops when the brandy is bottled. This is why a bottle of cognac can be kept for decades or even centuries.

For optimal preservation, we recommend that you keep your bottle upright so as not to damage the cork and alter the cognac (this is true for all spirits), in a temperate place (between 5 and 21°), away from humidity and light (in a closet for example).

If your bottle is already opened, you should use a smaller container (a glass bottle with a “screw” cap for example).

What value for an old bottle of cognac?

An old bottle of cognac in general, will take little or no value except for old vintages where the age will have an influence in the final price of the bottle.

The value of a bottle is calculated according to specific criteria:

  • The age of the bottle and the brandy (VS, XO, vintage).
  • The state of conservation (the cognac, the label, the bottle, and the box).
  • The history of the bottle (does it have a historical appeal?).
  • The rarity of production (10,000 copies, 200 copies or a few dozen copies worldwide).
  • The aesthetic appeal (box, engravings, limited edition, personalized label).
  • The production date (a bottle of XO from the 1940s or earlier will generally have a higher monetary value than a bottle of XO from the 1990s, with some exceptions).

Bottles dating before 1900 see their price soar on the auction market, from a few hundred euros to several thousand for the rarest.

But be careful, because in some cases, old bottles are only worth a few dozen euros. It is better to ask an expert beforehand.

What about the old bottles of Jean Fillioux Cognac?

Concerning the old Jean Fillioux bottles, the values diverge with time. But as we have researched, we have been able to draw up a list of old bottles that have been sold at auction or on specialized websites.

– A bottle from the 1924 vintage sold for 650€.


– A bottle of “Jean Fillioux golf” a limited edition from the 2000’s sold for 110€.


– A bottle of “Reserve Meregalli, 40 ans” from the 90s sold for 166€.


– A bottle of Napoleon from the 70’s sold for 63€.


– A bottle of Napoleon from the 90’s sold for 58€.


In some cases, the price of bottles sold at auction can soar, without any identified reasons. Sentimental value, nostalgia, a missing piece in a collection… are all elements that can also have an impact on a final sale price far from the original estimates.

How old is the bottle of Jean Fillioux Cognac that I found?

When we are in possession of an old bottle which we cannot identify the date of creation. We can search on the internet to determine the age range to which it belongs (70s, 80s, 90s …). But sometimes, it is difficult to find the period of origin.

To help you in your research, we have put together a selection of bottles that have been sent to us and dated by us. If you have an old bottle, which is not in this list, do not hesitate to send us a photo of it via the contact page, we will then continue to feed this page.

3 étoiles before 1933Magnum 1.44L Coq – between 70s and 80sMagnum 1.44L Napoléon -between 70s and 80sTrès Vieux magnum 1.5L – 80s
Coq 44% – before 1980Napoléon – bouteille spéciale Corée ~ 1980Cep d’or – 1972-1980Très Vieux – 1970 – 1990
Napoléon fine grande champagne – 80sCep d’Or – 1972 – 1990Très Vieux Meregalli 1978 – 1979Réserve Familiale – 80s probably includes 1924 – 1948
Napoléon – before 80sNapoléon carafe – 80sNapoléon – 80scustom bottle 1970 – 1980
VCA - ancienne bouteille - 1965 ~ 1972
custom bottle 1970 – 1990VCA 1965 – 1972

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