Cognacs of exception

Réserve familiale

Tasting caracteristics

The purest noblesse and distinction of a Grande Champagne. So fine, so elegant so complex, so rich, this wonderful cognac is quite lively in spite of its very old ageing, creamy and appetizing, offering some notes of dried and jammy fruit, with the finest rancio aromas, leather, cigar box fragrances, toasted chocolate, liquorice and toffee. Very long finish with notes of honeyed and peppery spices coming through. It’s a travel in the infinite world of the aromas. A great cognac to meditate. Exceptional.

Cognac Réserve Familiale at points of sale


Notes of dry fruits, rancio, leather, cigar box and caramel.


Very long finish with notes of honeyed and peppered spices.


A great cognac to meditate on, alone or with good friends, to be enjoyed slowly.


Wine with the lees.
Distilled twice in Charentais pot still.

Soil and variety

Cretaceous clay-limestone.
Ugni blanc (Trebbiano in Italia).

Conditioning and degree

40% – 700ml / 750ml


Gold Medal – Concours Général Agricole de Paris – 2022

What the press says

“★★★★★ – Highest Recommendation” – Spirit Journal
“Exceptional” – The Cognac Companion by Conal R. Gregory
“Perfectly chiselled gem, Grande Champagne at its best” – Revue du Vin de France by Martine Nouet